To the Youth --Graduation Ceremony for School of Journalism and Communication

115 undergraduate students from School of Journalism and Communication(SJC), Shanghai International Studies University participated in the SJC graduate ceremony held on June 12.

Guo Ke, Dean of SJC,Fan Juan, Party Secretary, SJC teachers, alumnis,  and more than 50 parents of the graduates attended the ceremony.

The ceremony began with songs full of memories of youth and the on-screen turning ofyearbook pages.

Wang Amin, an outstanding graduate fromBA BroadcastJournalism, recalled the past four years of university life with sentiment.

No matter how far we go, we will always remember that we are sisuers,she said. The future is full of possibilities, let’s keep working on a better self.

Professor Chen Zhenghui, program leader of BA Advertising, attracted applause and laughter from the audience with his humor in his speech.

To lead a creative life, to be true to yourself. One may have to pay a high price for honesty, but only honesty is sustainable,he said.

Wu Xiaopeng took the floor on behalf of seniors as alumni. Wu, a 2002 BA BroadcastJournalism alumni, was a founder of a celebrated financial new media platform. He shared the ups and downs in the business. Heencouragedthe graduates to cherish the spirit of adventure and entrepreneurship, and like-minded partners to open up their own businesses.

Parent representative, Ms. Hu Yu Lin, is also a teacher from Shandong Pharmaceutical College. She expressed her happiness of seeing her child growing up into a professional and her appreciation to the teachers for working hard in the past four years.

Video clips made for the graduates also were shown in sequence of major: BA Journalism, BA Education and Technology, BA Advertising and BA Broadcast Journalism.

The climax of the ceremony, however, was when the graduates walked on to the stage and had their cap tassels switched from the right to the left by the teacher. This was a symbolic act, meaning that one has successfully completed study in SJC now, and can fly higher.

On behalf of the faculty,GuoKe, Dean of SJC, blessed the students for the future. He told the graduates that they must continue to find their own way, and to withstand the loneliness and pain of temper. The Dean also mentioned the ongoing comprehensive reform  of the school. He said the school would be more students-centered, would make students be demanded talent of the society.

After the graduation ceremony, the students and teachers posed for pictures.

School of Journalism and Communication