Students From School of Journalism and Communication Visited Shanghai Daily

Fourteen students from School of Journalism and Communication at Shanghai International Studies University visited the new building of the Shanghai Daily newspaper on the rainy afternoon of May 15, 2015.

Accompanying the students were Lin Yan, program leader of BA journalism, and tutor Wang Hui.

Director of the Shanghai Daily, Zhang Yi, introduced the students to the newspaper’s achievements since 1999, as well as how things work here. During a Q&A session with the students, Zhang answeredstudents’questions on the role and the essential qualities of a journalist.

Zhang said he thinks a journalist should have curiosity, integrity, and a variety of capabilities.He encouraged the students to gain a solid foundation for journalistic practice in university. Analysing the strengths and weaknesses of SISU students, Zhang pointed out that language advantage and creativity were the key strengths of sisuers. However, they also tend to neglect the importance of teamwork.  Zhang, therefore, stressed the importance of working with others, and urged the students to build the team spirit from now on.

Zhang also advised the students to cherish their time at the university, make good friends, and actively participate in school activities, so that their university life will be colorful and without any regrets.

School of Journalism and Communication