SISU Journalism Students Visit Newsroom of The Paper

Journalism students from Shanghai International Studies University visited the newsroom of The Paper, one of China’s most celebrated media organizations operating entirely online, on April 23, 2015.

While visiting the design center, students observed journalists investigating the news of a building that had burst into flames. Students said they were impressed by the journalists’ professionalism and expeditious response to the emergency.

Including new media talents such as programmers, designers, illustrators, data collectors and more, the design center was orderly and inspirational, the students said. They also visited the meeting room and the executive office.

Wei Xin, one of The Paper’s editors, introduced its development process from 2013 to July 22, 2014, the date that it officially went online. Students questioned Wei on new media’s advantages and disadvantages, effective measures for interviews and the qualities required of interns.

Wei encouraged the students to read and practice more, while welcoming students to intern at The Paper.